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Advanced Regeneration, just like the name implies, is about regenerating areas of the body to reduce pain. “Advanced” because we are using a one-of-a-kind cold laser to provide the kind of body penetration not found anywhere else. Our goal is to be the best pain relief service in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. Our staff is fully trained and ready to help relieve your pain condition fast. Don’t hesitate, call us now to book an appointment at (469) 708-0005.

Our clinic is centrally located in the Northwest Highway and Tollway North area and if you can’t come to us, we are happy to bring our healing service to you. Simply ask about our mobile high intensity laser therapy where we come to you and treat you in the comfort of your home and/or office.

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Advanced Regeneration LLC


Dallas TX, 75225 USA


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Work Performed Below are projects we have completed for clients and the cities they were in along with client reviews.

  Near Dallas, TX 75216

Treating a patient with arthritis in the neck with our cold laser treatment therapy.

Brad G.
Donna Taylor
Donna T.
Google reviews

The staff is great. I've had several surgeries and the laser treatments have helped with the healing process and helped to minimize scarring.

  Near Irving, TX 75060

Working on tissue healing acceleration for our client from Irving that had a severe wound on his leg, with our laser therapy treatment.

Brad G.
Patricia Wentrcek
Patricia W.
Google reviews

I am delighted that the cold laser treatments at Advanced Regeneration have greatly decreased the pain in my right hand joints. It has already made a difference in the activities I can do pain free again. After only two appointments, I am able to exten

  Near Irving, TX 75061

Treating a patient from Irving, TX with arthritis in the neck with our laser treatment therapy.

Brad G.
Garry Smith
Garry S.
Google reviews

I first heard about cold laser therapy through a friend who had positive results from this therapy and location. Ive lived with a torn right hip labrum for 20 years, which has caused a variety of manageable but annoying disc/lumbar issues. Recently thoug

  Near Dallas, TX 75287

Neck pain can be acute or chronic and can occur from arthritis, poor posture or, in some cases, can also be an indication of a more serious condition.

Brad G.
Tammie Irwin
Tammie I.
Google reviews

I had very bad hip pain so I went in to a laser session and it completely took away the pain I had. I recommend this treatment for anyone that is experiencing pain.

  Near Mesquite, TX 75150

Helping our patient from Mesquite, TX, loose weight with our CryoSlimming Treatment.

Brad G.
Tom Irwin
Tom I.
Google reviews

I went In to laser therapy treatments, and they made me feel so much better. The laser technician made me feel comfortable and she was very informative on the laser therapy treatments.

  Near Dallas, TX 75252

Treating a patient from Dallas with our laser treatment that is suffering from herniated disc.

Brad G.
Tyler Irwin
Tyler I.
Google reviews

The laser treatment truly helped me when I was experiencing the worst pain in my shoulders and neck. I stayed up all night long in pain till I received a laser treatment early next morning, because the technician was kind enough to get there earlier. I ha

  Near Irving, TX 75039

The neck, back and spine pain are all common diagnoses, and each area has numerous causes and contributing factors that can result in pain. Neck, back and spine pain can also be debilitating and can quickly disrupt patients’ daily lives.

Brad G.
Tiffany Nelson
Tiffany N.
Google reviews

I injured my shoulder kayaking. I healed my shoulder by doing laser treatments, now I'm just doing monthly maintenance treatments and pain is completely gone.

  Near Dallas, TX 75227

Treating a patient from Dallas, Texas, suffering from post-operative shoulder pain with our laser therapy.

Brad G.
Heather Nelson
Heather N.
Google reviews

After a serious traffic accident, I suffered with 5 rupture disc in my neck, non-stop migraines and pain in my neck for 3 months I tried everything. The laser treatments fully healed me after 6 treatments plus a monthly maintenance treatment.

  Near Carrollton, TX 75006

Emotional effects of chronic pain include depression, anger, anxiety, and fear of re-injury. Such a fear might limit a person’s ability to return to their regular work or leisure activities. Treating our patients severe neck pain with cold laser therapy.

Brad G.
Spencer McGowan
Spencer M.
Google reviews

Laser therapy heals fast. After 21 stitches in my forearm, I received 7 treatments in 2 weeks and was able to play golf at my handicap! Sinus treatments are so effective on allergies and colds I was healthy all winter long. Knees and shoulders stronge

  Near Garland, TX 75041

Treating a patient from osteoarthritis, which is the most common form of arthritis, affecting millions of people worldwide, in Garland, Texas.

Brad G.
Christopher Jenkin
Christopher J.
Google reviews

I was a bit skeptical at first but am so happy I tried the cold laser therapy. Advanced Regeneration was able to help me with pain in my elbows and back. This seriously works! Highly recommend Katrina and her staff.


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